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The championship series is designed to identify the best horses in each of the six divisions of racing. The series is made up of qualifiers which will be used to determine the field for the finals based on points that are awarded as detailed below.

  • The qualifiers feature $2,700 in added bonus credits!
  • The finals have $225 in bonus credits and a cash element as well for a total of over $4,050 in added bonus credits!
  • Finals will include an additional $10 bonus credits for all horses who run in the finals!
  • The finals will be held during the last month of each season.

Qualifier Points Table

The point structure works in reverse order depending on the number of horses. This means that in a field of 6 horses the winner will receive 7 points.

1st25 points
2nd20 points
3rd16 points
4th13 points
5th11 points
6th10 points
7th9 points
8th8 points
9th7 points
10th6 points
11th5 points
12th4 points
13th3 points
14th2 points
15th1 points
  • Horses are required to run in a specified number of qualifiers each season in order to be eligible for the finals. Runs will only count for the division they are run (Example: a run in a super sprint turf race only counts towards the required total and points for the turf category over the super sprint distance group).
    • 2yr: 2 races
    • 3yr: 2 races
    • 4yr+: 2 races
  • Number of wins required to enter qualifiers
    • 2yr: 0 wins
    • 3yr: 0 wins
    • 4yr+: 3 wins
  • Weight penalties per win
    • 2yr olds: +2 lbs per win beyond minimum required to enter. Maiden races do not count towards weight penalties during the juvenile year.
    • 3yr olds: open, no weight penalties
    • 4yr+ : +2 lbs per win beyond 5
    Note that wins from races labeled as handicaps will not count towards the weight.

  • A new instance will be created if the race fills up more than 48 hours ahead of post time. The second (and beyond) instances will feature bonus credits rather than added cash so get your entries in early.
  • Finals Invitations
    • Horses must meet the minimum run requirement in order to receive an invitation.
    • Only horses ranked in the top 20 are eligible to receive an invitation.
    • Horses are not required to accept the invitations.

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No Qualifying Horses Yet



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